Church Street makeover

Photo by Ann Gill
A CREW FROM D Construction completes necessary earthwork as it prepares to construct a new drive-thru lane for CVS Pharmacy. The work is being conducted in coordination of the South Broadway reconstruction project and will include a new road surface from Broadway east to the alley and a new parkway on the south side of the Coal City Pharmacy building.

Ann Gill

Construction crews have torn out a portion of Church Street to make way for a new drive-thru lane at CVS Pharmacy. The improvement is being completed as part of the South Broadway reconstruction project.
The pharmacy—previously Doc’s Drugs—has utilized a drive-thru window for over 20 years, but it wasn’t until late 2018 when it came to the village’s attention the window was never determined to be an allowable use through an approved conditional use request.
To ensure the pharmacy could continue to utilize the window located on the north side of the building at 245 S. Broadway, the property owner —Tony Sartoris—was required to file a conditional use application with the village.
After several meetings in early 2019, Sartoris and the village came to terms on a plan that ensured a conditional use permit would be granted and the deal included a new design for the space.
As the town was preparing for the reconstruction of South Broadway it was determined changes needed to be made to the configuration of the drive up window.
Several options were floated, from moving the window from the north side to the south, changing the direction of travel into the existing window and even making Church Street one way.
In the end, the parties agreed to keep the drive-up on the north side, but make the area more defined and safe for pedestrian travel.
The plan that is currently being executed will include a sidewalk on the north side along the roadway, installation of a landscape barrier between the drive-thru lane and street, additional signage at the north-south alley and drive-thru exit, as well as a prohibition of right hand turns out of the lane.
The work will eliminate the two parking spaces located at the west end of the building’s north side.
Pharmacy customers utilizing the drive-thru will continue to enter from the east and exit to the west. Vehicle stacking is limited to three while awaiting service.
Along with the new drive-thru, the roadway is being reconstructed from Broadway east to the alley and the parkway on the south side of the Coal City Pharmacy building is also being reconstructed.
The work is one of the final projects associated with the South Broadway reconstruction.
As the work nears completion contractors are currently scheduled to lay the final layers of asphalt on the roadway this week and some of the remaining decorative items like benches and bike racks are slated to arrive and be installed next week.
According to the village administrator the contractor is slated to be finished prior to the July Fourth holiday.