Send a Letter to the Editor


The Free Press Newspapers welcomes letters to the editor, to give all readers a chance to comment and to keep letters focused on issues of widespread public interest. In that spirit, The Free Press Newspapers will publish letters no longer than 500 words, and reserves the right to edit them for length, grammar, legal issues, clarity and taste. To allow everyone fair access to the column, an individual letter writer may publish only one letter in any 30-day period. People with special insight, expertise or knowledge may submit commentary which are subject to all the same rules as letters but with a 1250-word limit. The Free Press Newspapers prefers that letter writers submit their letters by e-mail, but will accept letters which are typewritten double-spaced and within the word limit by regular mail. E-mail letters should go to Writers can send typed or printed-out letters to “Letter to the editor” at 111 S. Water St, Wilmington, IL 60481. Readers also may submit letters via FAX at 815-476-7002. Writers must include their names, street addresses and phone numbers to allow The Free Press Newspapers to verify authorship. Under no circumstances will The Free Press Newspapers publish unsigned letters.