Police seek information on building break-in

Staff Report

When employees of a local business arrived for the work day last Tuesday and found a wooden door off its hinges it prompted a call to the building owner and police.

Someone gained entry into the building at 35 E. Willow St., and vandalized the basement. Multiple rooms within the basement were in disarray.

The walls and floors were painted with rollers and spray cans and the fluorescent light bulbs were broken.

The responding officer, Mike Imhof, reports the large wooden door that prompted the Sept. 5 call had been moved from its frame and the wood around the door locks has been chipped away.

In his written report, Imhof said the only way the door could have been taken off the hinges was from within the basement area. Just one of the three pins for the door were located.

Imhof observed a window, hidden from the street, that was broken from the outside in.

Additional officers arrived and helped canvass the building. Multiple shoe imprints were located on the floor.

No other spaces in the building were damaged or entered.

Police are investigating the incident and Chief Chris Harseim asks that anyone with information or leads on who is responsible to call the police department at 815-634-2341.